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Double-Ridge Magic Tee  

High Power Coaxial Circulator & Isolators

Differential Phase Shift Circulators / Isolators & Duplexers Variable Phase Shifters

Lowpass Harmonic Filter
Double-Ridge Circulators
Rectangular Broadwall Couplers Coax Secondary
Rectangular Dual Broadwall Coupler Coax Rectangular Broadwall Coupler Waveguide Rectangular Dual Broadwall Coupler Waveguide Double-Ridge Broadwall Couplers
Double-Ridge Dual Broadwall Couplers
Rectangular Dual Loop Couplers
Double-Ridge Loop Couplers

Double-Ridge Dual Loop Couplers

Rectangular Crossguide Couplers
Double-Ridge Crossguide Couplers
Rectangular High Power Terminations
Rectangular Medium Power Terminations
Rectangular Low Power Terminations Rectangular Adapter Waveguide to Coax Double-Ridge Adapter Waveguide to Coax Double-Ridge End Lunch Adapter
Rectangular End Launch Adapter Rectangular Ridgid Bends
Double-Ridge Bends
Rectangular Waveguide Twists
Double-Ridge Waveguide Twists Rectangular Magic Tee
Rectangular Pressure Windows
Double-Ridge Pressure Windows