Founded in 1986, Scientific Microwave Corporation offers advanced state-of-the-art technical expertise for the design, development, and production of passive microwave and millimeter wave components and subsystems for military, space, and commercial applications.

Over the span of four decades the SMC team has provided quality solutions to countless microwave applications and developed highly successful components that are being used in microwave systems around the globe.

We are looking forward for the opportunity to meet your acquaintance and serve you with all your microwave needs.

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Product Categories

  • Filters
    Lowpass Harmonic / Transmit- Reject
    Filter Combiners
  • Ferrite Devices
    Differential Phase Shifters (Duplexers)
    2-Port Isolators ( Resonance Isolators)
    Ferrite Switch
  • Couplers
    Broadwall Couplers
    Dual Broadwall Couplers
    Crossguide Couplers
    Loop Couplers
  • Terminations
    High Power Terminations
    Medium Power Terminations
    Low Power Terminations
    Water Cooled Terminations
  • Combiners/Dividers
    Magic Tee
    2 Port Dividers and Combiners
    4-Port Dividers and Combiners
  • Waveguide Structures
    Adapters Right Angle (W\G to Coax)
    Adapters End Launch (W\G to Coax)
    Transitions ( W/G to W/G)
    Pressure Windows
    Pressure Inlets
  • Output Arms